Software Services

We specialize in the development of web, desktop and mobile applications.

The world is literally running on computers now, and we take this opportunity to develop software and programs that keep the momentum going.

With a team that is rich in experience, we develop software that caters to your individual or organizational needs. Our team hears you out and then gets on to doing what we do best: Build, develop, and excel.


The application development services we provide, span the entire project lifecycle, starting from requirements analysis, through design, development, testing, integration, delivery and implementation to post implementation support.

The application maintenance services we offer includes maintenance activities such as bug fixing, change requests and enhancements to suit changing business needs.

Our Re-Engineering services helps you migrate your products and services from legacy systems to new generation technology platforms and frameworks such as migration of database systems, user interface conversion and technology/architecture upgrades.

We offer system-engineering services to assist customers with overall system architecture design. Our engineers can provide requirements capture, specification creation, feasibility studies and benchmarking to ensure that a design project starts off in the right direction.

Our team can draw on other resources to assist in various aspects of system architecture design and feasibility testing. For example, a customer could contract with Ferill to evaluate its system architecture and compare alternate processor choices through objective benchmarking. In this case, custom code may need to be developed to carry out benchmark testing.

System Engineering Services:

  • Requirements Capture
  • Specification Creation
  • System/Architecture Design
  • Processor Selection
  • Feasibility Study
  • Benchmarking Development and Testing
  • Project Development plan creation
  • Test plan development

We offer embedded systems development services with expertise ranging from microcontrollers with only hundreds of bytes of memory to full Linux systems.

Our experienced programmers are familiar with the latest technologies for embedded, portable, and consumer products. With years of experience in code development, we are able to assemble a team to tackle almost any programming project on almost any timeline.

Our software team uses the latest programming and code management tools to produce reliable embedded systems that can survive real-world events such as unexpected power outages and communication delays. We have in-depth knowledge in operating systems and power management for portable, low power equipment.

Our Engineers have years of experience with these issues on Linux and Android. System architectures include ARM and x86 and processors.

Embedded Software Services:

  • Linux, Android
  • Wireless Drivers
  • Cloud connectivity
  • Custom ROM development
  • Software and Hardware debugging

We provide support for all our products and services on a contract basis.

Our 3rd party support services can help ensure that your application runs reliably, with performance and security updates applied on a regular basis.

Product Development Process

Our product development process is structured to provide consistent development stages across a wide variety of product types. The result is a methodical approach that guarantees on time delivery.

First Contact / Requirements Gathering

Ferill discuses the potential project with the customer and collects information about scope, timeline and potential specification requirements.


Ferill delivers a proposal containing estimated development timeline, required resources and costs for customer review.

Initial Investigation

In this initial phase of the project, the team will perform a variety of tasks in preparation for the start of engineering. These tasks include:

  • Collect project requirements
  • Conduct initial research such as benchmarking
  • Develop system architecture
  • Produce specification document
  • Produce initial industrial design
  • Develop Initial Test Plan
  • Refine project timeline

Production Start

This is the final phase of the project and marks the beginning of mass production. Ferill may be involved in this phase to act as a liaison and assist the manufacturer with training or other items to transfer the design into production.

Production Support

This optional phase of the project is used to assist the manufacturer with any repair or yield questions that may developer after Production Start.

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