IT Infrastructure

We specialize in the design, development and maintenance of IT Infrastructure.


We specialize in the design and deployment of IT Infrastructure for corporate environment of any size. Our in-house team can evaluate your business needs and can come up with a cost-effective solution to maximize productivity.

This service provides the critical backbone of a corporate network. We understand the complex issues involved in the planning, installation and maintenance of large systems. Depending on the business requirements, our service can be customized to meet current and the future requirements of a corporate network.

This service can help ensure that a corporate network is configured to meet business objectives, while also maintaining network security, load-balancing and fail-over.

We specialize in the deployment of FreePBX and Elastix systems for small and medium-size businesses. Starting from consultancy services to complete roll-out, our in-house team can address the challenges that businesses face.

We offer the deployment of both OpenSource and Custom CRM options that are integrated with VoIP solutions.

We can facilitate and provision hardware and security systems for businesses of all sizes.

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