Internet of Things

We specialize in the design and development of Internet of Things.

Do you want your physical world integrated with the internet? Do you love to control objects remotely?

Wireless sensor networks, automation, and control networks fascinate you? If you have answered in affirmative for all the questions, Ferill is the place you are looking for. We simplify life by integrating a network of smart devices: From your car to your home appliances, we can connect everything to the device of your choice. And if you’re aware of the latest trends, IoT in enterprise setups will account to nearly 40% or say 9.1 billion devices being connected globally. Are you ready for the leap?


Our team is capable of developing customizations to the software running on a Raspberry Pi. Whether it is an OS level customization or something that makes use of the GPIO pins, we can execute projects based on client requirements.

Our team of developers can design and implement custom Arduino firmware for your projects. We can offer consultation or complete development services.

When a Raspberry Pi or Arduino simply won't do, our team can design custom schematics and create prototypes of the hardware. Our team can develop hardware based on Atmel, MIPS and ARM processors.

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